New Music Video: Digital World by Amaranthe


Amaranthe are a band I have a love hate relationship with. I love their sleek well polished modern metalcore sound, I generally like the harsh vocals, I love the silly science fiction lyrics, and I absolutely love Elize Ryd’s voice. They have a knack for writing catchy and fun songs, and I’m happy to see them gaining a fanbase. But there are also elements of the music I hate. I hate the repetitive song structures and I will never like the clean male vocals. This band would be so much more enjoyable without them, but they never ruin the music for me. Harsh vocalist Henrik Englund really shocks me with his talent, even if he sounds like a reject from the Gothenburg metal scene. He’s got a strong voice, and it works fine with the music. It’s an major improvement over their previous harsh vocalist. Their songs are short, fun, have their heavy moments and are overall enjoyable; a rare treat in metal these days, and when they are paired with ultra cheesy  science fiction themed music videos, you get some of the weirdest and most awesome  music videos around, a trend that continues with their latest- Digital World.

Also does anyone else think that if you reworked this song a bit it would be perfect as a intro song to the next Digimon series? No? Just me? Okay.. 

Digital World is off the bands 2014 album, Massive Addictive.

Music video directed by Patric Ullaeus


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